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Completely new for 2020 we present the SHARK SUPS Backpack range

The wheeled backpack allows you to move your paddle board around with even more ease. Simply pack you board up in the bag, grab the top handle and cruise to the water. We recognise that not all paddlers need wheels on their SUP backpacks as it can add unwanted weight and bulk, but for those who do want wheels, we offer this option in the SHARK SUP Wheeled Backpack.

It’s been designed to be lightweight, easy and comfortable to use and is the premium bag for transporting your SHARK SUP.

We have designed the bag to be super easy to pack your board into. Featuring double opening zips allowing you to fully open the bag, internal loading straps to secure your board to the bag, and a front pocket allows you to store your pump and fins separately. We have made the bag large for ease of packing, however included compression straps so once packed you can transport your board in the most compact form.

Carrying your SHARK SUP is now easier than ever – our backpacks have padded shoulder straps, paddled back support and a chest strap for enhanced comfort. We have also included plenty of handles on the to help move your board around.


  • Integrated Wheels
  • Paddled Shoulder straps
  • Chest Buckle for comfort
  • Padded back support
  • Multiple Carry Handle
  • Compression straps
  • Finished with Pantone Orange Piping and SHARK SUPs branding.
  • Internal loading Strap