Shark Trust


There are more than 1200 fascinating species of sharks and rays. All play a role in the health and stability of our oceans. Due mainly to overfishing, a quarter of these species are threatened with extinction unless urgent action is taken. The Shark Trust is working within a global network of partners to push for a vital change in fishing and trade that will secure the future of all sharks and rays. 160,000 signatures of petitions submitted to the European Commission 85 influence 85 countries to create positive change for sharks 200,000 egg shells registered during the "Great Egg Hunt" SHARK SUPs sensitizing sharks with The Shark Trust We are committed to supporting the Shark Trust in its work. To help raise awareness of the incredible diversity of sharks and rays and the importance of protecting them for future generations. Without sharks, our ocean will be a poorer place. Take the time to discover the world of sharks and learn how you can help shape the future of sharks and the ocean. #DoSomeFin for sharks and make a difference.


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