Shark carbon fibre adjustable 3-piece paddle

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For those looking for a high level of performance, this paddle is our lightest and stiffest paddle option. Carbon fibre gives the greatest strength to weight ratio and also has an extremely fast response rate to make this paddle the very best performer.

A lighter paddle reduces swing weight meaning you can paddle further for longer.

The adjustable system allows you to quickly adjust the paddle to suit you height and style of paddling.

3-piece design is practical and perfect for traveling, with no compromise on performance. The paddle splits into three parts so it can easily fit into your backpack, meaning you can go anywhere and do anything.

The 600sq/cm blade area is suitable for a wide range of paddlers with an all-round tear drop shape creating a smooth and stable paddle stoke.


  • Blade Area: 600 sqcm
  • Length adjustable from 170-220cm
  • Weight: 660 grams
  • Easy adjustable before and during paddling
  • 3 piece – practical and perfect for travel
  • Ergonomic Hand Grip