Maintenance for your ISUP

Maintenance for your ISUP

Maintenance for your ISUP. 

Avoid the build-up of dirt and bacteria by rinsing your inflatable SUP after each use. Simple soap and water will produce gentle care, much better than harsh chemicals. Once you've washed your board, pat it dry to prevent mold, then roll it up loosely and store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

If you plan to use your SUP regularly, you can leave it fully inflated between uses.

It is easy to store inflatable paddle boards indoors as they can be rolled up. However, if you can't keep it indoors and the only option is to keep it outside, protect it from sunlight, the elements and bumps and bumps, etc.

The weather always affects stand up paddle boards. Therefore, whatever your region or time of year, SUPs should be carefully stored.

If you don't see yourself using them a lot like the winter months, it's best to deflate them.

The most important thing for your SUP is to carry it by the handle, well above sand or rocks. Dragging your inflatable paddle along any surface will cause it to weaken or even tear, so taking a little care can save you a lot of money. You would be surprised how many people are careless with their SUP equipment. Bumping or dropping your board can cause bumps or even cracks on the surface. These imperfections will not only affect the glide but could also encourage water to seep into the board.

Second, a wet board can harbor bacteria (especially if it's rolled up). So once dry, store your inflatable board in a cool, dry place indoors. Sunlight can destroy some of the materials used in inflatable SUPs, so choose a location out of direct sunlight.