Starting in Paddle Boarding

Starting in Paddle Boarding

Starting in Paddle Boarding

To start, you have to choose your equipment. A beginner will find himself more comfortable with a wider board to work on his balance while having good stability.

For the paddle, an aluminum adjustable height model (for the whole family) included with our SUP sets will do the trick. Then you have to adjust the adjustable paddle to your size. To do so, unlock the adjustment system, extend your arm above your head and adjust the variable part so that the paddle handle reaches under your wrist. Lock the clamping system and this step is completed.

Once you are ready to go in the water and find a calm waterhole like a river or a small lake, once you are used to it you will be ready to venture out on larger streams.

It is best to start by kneeling on the board, this will give you an idea of ​​the stability. Start rowing on your knees and then as soon as you feel comfortable, then stand with your shoulders facing the front of the board, leaning on the paddle that you have laid out flat on the board in front of you. Keep your legs bent and your feet wide apart for good balance. Put one hand on the handle on the top of the paddle, the other on the tube and begin to row with the blade of your open paddle facing the front of the board. Try to push the blade firmly into the water by planting it as far forward as possible and lift it out of the water at your feet. As easy as that!

There are several turning techniques. As you progress you can change your technique to turn faster.

The simplest technique is to row on the opposite side of the turn to turn the board (row right to go left). The farther back you row your paddle, the faster you will turn.

The back-propulsion which consists of backing up completely and putting your weight on the back of the paddle board to sink it into the water and rotate with a big stroke of the paddle. Looking over your shoulder from the direction you want to turn helps to make the turn.